In recognition of the need for more coordinated and concerted effort around vaccine financing and security the Executive Director of NPHCDA, Dr. Ado Muhammad, inaugurated the National Vaccine Financing Task Team on March 25, 2015. The task team was established in line with the NPHCDA Board approval of Friday March 11, 2015, following a memo to the NPHCDA Board from IVAC and endorsed by the, Technical Committee of the Board and the Logistics and Commodities Department. To improve coordination, the ED merged the newly formed Vaccine Financing Advocacy Working Group, inaugurated by Dr. Ado on Monday March 16, 2015, on the occasion of the round table discussion organized by the NPHCDA Advocacy Department and CHR.

The task team is chaired by Dr. Ben Anyene with NPHCDA and IVAC responsible for its secretariat. Upon inauguration, it was tasked with the responsibility of developing a sustainable vaccine financing advocacy strategy and roll out plan, a structure for the vaccine fund, a strategy to grow the fund, a road map for achieving local vaccine production and providing periodic updates and review of progress to the management and the board of the NPHCDA and then to the core group for action. To capture its entire role, the task team was renamed National Immunization Financing Task Team (NIFT) in late 2015. NIFT conducts its activities through four subcommittees namely: Advocacy, Evidence Generation, Local Vaccine Production and Fund Raising.