Evidence Generation


  • National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) -Lead
  • Health Finance, NPHCDA
  • Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)
  • International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC)


Synthesis evidence required for the activities of all subcommittees under NIFT


  • Review of the financial needs quantification for antigens and devices as completed by Mckinsey and the NPHCDA
  • Quantify the cost of immunizing a child from purchase of antigens to receipt of vaccine (value chain)
  • Conduct a resource mapping to identify and cost all possible sources of immunization financing
  • Following from the quantification and resource mapping, this team will be responsible for reviewing and updating identified funding gaps
  • The team will be responsible for working with identified alternative sources of funding such as the NHIS,MDG and the National health act via the Basic Health Care provision funds, to quantify available resources from these sources of funding and implications on resource gap
  • Team will work with both advocacy and fund raising teams to conduct analysis on financial implications of the work carried out by these two teams.


  • Reconciled RI financial gaps from different sources and developed clear immunization financing gap
  • Generated evidence for advocacy strategy and key messages

Next Steps

Continue to develop needed evidence for future activities of other NIFT subcommittees